Like a divorce, a dissolution terminates a marriage, the assets and debts of the parties are divided, parental rights and responsibilities (if any) are allocated and ongoing support of the children and the parties is addressed.  Unlike a divorce, a dissolution is a non-adversarial proceeding.  If you and your partner can civilly settle all matters relevant to the termination of your marriage, a dissolution may be the quickest and least expensive means of “untying the knot.”

The key to a successful dissolution is a comprehensive Separation Agreement that is filed with the Court and is then incorporated into the Final Judgement Entry of Dissolution.  The terms of any Separation Agreement should be carefully negotiated and drawn up by an experienced domestic relations attorney.

A common public misconception about dissolutions is that one attorney can represent both parties in a dissolution.  This is not the case.  If your partner has hired an attorney to get a dissolution, you should seek the advice of experienced counsel before you sign any document in a dissolution.

Attorney Doug Houston has the experience and negotiation skills you need to obtain the best possible outcome in your dissolution of marriage case.

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