The decision to divorce your partner is a life changing event that can have far reaching consequences.  If there are minor children of the marriage, the Court will enter into custody and child support orders.  If the marriage is long enough (generally five years or longer) and there is a disparity in the respective incomes of the parties there is also the possibility of spousal support (alimony) being ordered by the Court.

All marital assets, including real estate, household furnishings, motor vehicles, bank accounts, retirement savings, investments and pensions must be equitably divided in a divorce.  Likewise, all martial debt will be subject to allocation by the court.

A good divorce attorney will work with you and the opposing party to amicably settle contested divorce issues.  However, if the parties cannot settle all matters relevant to their divorce it then becomes necessary to litigate those contested matters at trial.  A good trial attorney is crucial to obtaining the best results possible in contested divorce cases.  Attorney Doug Houston has extensive experience aggressively litigating contested divorce issues in Domestic Relations Courts throughout Southwestern Ohio.

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