Civil Protection Orders

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Domestic Violence Civil Protection Orders (DVCPO’s)

If you have been a victim of domestic violence you can seek protection under the law for yourself, as well as other family members who may be at risk of future violence perpetrated upon them by the aggressor.

Domestic violence involves family or household members.

It is important to know that you can seek a DVCPO regardless if criminal charges have been brought against the perpetrator.

If a DVCPO is granted by the Court after a full hearing, it can remain in effect for up to five years. Violation of a DVCPO is a serious criminal offense in Ohio. Multiple violations can be prosecuted as felony offenses.

While many petitions for CPO’s are well founded in fact, some are not and should be vigorously defended. Domestic Violence allegations often lead to divorce, contested child custody cases or other civil suits.

If you are considering filing a Civil Protection Order, or, if you have been named as a respondent in a CPO case, you are well advised to be represented by an attorney throughout the entire process.

Attorney Doug Houston has successfully prosecuted and defended Domestic Violence CPO’s for many years. If you have been a victim of Domestic Violence, or if you have been named the responded in a Domestic Violence case, give Doug Houston a call today to discuss your options.

Dating Violence Civil Protection Orders (DTCPO’s)

DTCPO’s are similar to DVCPO’s except that the Petitioner for the Civil Protection Order must allege that they are in, or were in, a dating relationship with the Respondent within 12 months proceeding the conduct resulting in the order being requested.

Civil Stalking Protection Orders (CSPO’s) and Civil Sexually Oriented Offense Protection Orders (CSOOPO’s)

The Petitioner for a CSPO must allege more than one incident (a pattern of conduct) closely related in time that made them believe that the Respondent in the matter will cause physical harm or cause (or his caused) them mental distress.

Petitioners in the CSOOPO matter must allege that they, or a family or household member, has been a victim of a sexually oriented offense perpetrated by the Respondent.

In all Civil Protection Order cases, it is possible to obtain a court order that restrains the Respondent from committing certain future actions against the Petitioner and commonly contains provisions restraining the Respondent from contracting the Petitioner (and others) and Orders the Respondent to stay away from the Petitioner and further prohibits the Respondent from entering or interfering with the residence, school, business, place of employment, day care centers of childcare providers of persons protected under the Order.  Other relief may be granted by the court, including prohibiting the Respondent from possessing, using, carrying or obtaining any firearm or deadly weapon.

Civil Protection Orders are a serious matter.  Attorney Doug Houston is a serious attorney who handles CPO’s.  Give him a call today.

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